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Triple B Farms

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Triple B Farms

Posted on November 10, 2016 at 9:16 PM Comments comments (261)
Today is November 10, 2016. We have just finished breeding our 90 ewes therefore awaiting February - March lambs. Judah and Lacee are expecting. Litter should arrive in December 2016. Deposits for puppies are being taken now. 
This past season was pretty good. We had 127 lambs to sell. We sold 61 ewe lambs to a man in Virginia and 60 ram lambs to a man in west Kentucky. We hope to have a productive 2017 lamb season. 
We have made some additions to the flock with 3 new rams. Max is 2 from Alabama, Cisco is a March 2016 Ram Lamb that we bought at the Katahdin Expo in Cookeville this year from Carl Ginapp of Iowa. The other, Red Man, is a March 2016 Ram Lamb from Jay Greenstone of Virginia. We are very excited to see this new lamb crop in 2017. 
May 2017 we hope to host an event at the farm for Tennessee Katahdin Sheep Association. Topics to be covered are hair inspections and meat grades including a field trip to a local USDA butcher to discuss meat cuts. Stay posted for more info regarding this event , details to follow as arrangements are made. 
Thanks to all that visit the website and read our blog. 
Sherri @ Triple B Farms Bulls Gap, TN 
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Triple B Farms

Posted on July 27, 2015 at 5:17 PM Comments comments (32)
Coming up in Sept.-October new litters of puppies. Place your name on the waiting list now. 
Also new lambs should be arriving in Sept.-Oct. as well. 

Currently we have 2 registered ram lambs for sale. They were January born.
Call Sherri for info regarding them. 423-921-2485

We have 1 commercial ram lamb for sale as well. 

Everyone is doing well at this time. Two puppies we kept from the February litter are doing well. They are learning the livestock guardian way from their parents. 

Looking forward to adding 30 ewe lambs to the flock. These are ewe lambs we raised from this past lambing. They should be ready for breeding in October. 

Happy Farming to All!!
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Triple B Farms February 2015

Posted on February 24, 2015 at 10:03 PM Comments comments (178)
Its been awhile since I have written anything on our blog.
We've been pretty busy since the end of December. Our lambs started coming December 22. We now have 56 lambs on the ground. We are so thankful for them.
Everyone seems to be doing well. The ewes did a great job this year. 
February 10 and 12 , we had our first puppies on the farm. 
Mikala's Christina had 9 beautiful puppies, 5 males 4 females.
Triple B Lacee had 8 beautiful puppies, 3 males, 5 females.
All seem to be doing well  even though we had some very low temperatures. One morning it was -15 degrees. Thats pretty low for East Tennessee.  
Our mothers did a great job of keeping everyone warm and alive. 
We are now taking deposits on our puppies. You can see their pictures here on the website. They were 2 weeks old when those pictures were taken. 
Looking forward for some springy weather. 
May the Lord Bless You and happy shepherding.
Sherri Brown
Triple B Farms
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Triple B Farms

Posted on December 3, 2014 at 10:01 AM Comments comments (59)
Hello Again,
Its been awhile since I have posted anything. So here's an update of whats going on here at Triple B. 
We added New Zealand Rabbits in March of this year. At the present we have 28 does and 2 New Zealand Bucks, one California Buck and one Champagne Buck.
We will begin breeding all the does in January in hopes of lots of bunnies available April.
We have 46 breed ewes ready to begin lambing at the end of this month. At present everyone looks in good condition. 
We are running our male Anatolian with our females in hopes of some puppies at the first of the year as well. 
Contact us if you are in need of anything.
Happy Shepherding! Lord Bless You!
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First Lambing Season

Posted on June 26, 2014 at 5:46 PM Comments comments (140)
Shepherdess Sherri: Hi! Everyone. We had a successful first lambing. Total lambs 57.  We currently have 31 ram lambs for sale and 24 ewe lambs. They were born March/April 2014. We would love to keep our ewe lambs but we currently do not have enough pasture to contain them. 
Our dogs have done very well for their first year. 
We have had an enjoyable time working with our Ewe Mamas and their lambs.
Looking forward to next lambing season.
Happy Shepherding!
Lord bless you
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Triple B Farms

Posted on March 14, 2014 at 2:48 PM Comments comments (162)
Things here on the farm are going well. We have 16 lambs so far in the first week of lambing. There are four sets of twins, which leaves 8 singles.
The mama's have proven to be good so far. I have wanted to assist them but they have delivered unassisted thus far. We have 37 more mama's to go. With the Lord's help maybe they will deliver unassisted as well. The mama's have been good mothers.
Our dogs have been gentle and willing to learn as well.
Christina is my licker. She mulls thru everyone licking and bonding with the lambs.
Lacee is my sniffer. She smells the whole pasture and then comes thru the lambs and mama's smelling each one.
Sheba is their playmate. She looks after the lambs as their playmate watching them bounce and skip around the barn lot.
Judah has been in the ram pen for some time now. He came in with the lambs yesterday. He scared the mama's a little. They hadn't seen him in a while and ran from him. The lambs ran as well and he wanted to play with them but I wouldn't let him. He is still very much in training.
The girls seem to have matured faster than him ( which is normal). He is still very much a little boy in a big boy body. But he does a great job protecting his area.
We will try to keep you posted on the rest of this lambing season.
Happy Shepherding!
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First Additions!

Posted on February 17, 2014 at 3:48 PM Comments comments (24)
February 17, 2014
Just an update about the farm.
We had our first lambs born February 12, 2014. Mother and lambs are doing well.
Now we are getting ready for the next flow of lambs to be born starting mid-March thru April. Many of the ewes look well and ready. Just hope I am!

Looking forward to what lies ahead.
Dogs are doing well but since they are young I am still concerned about the well fare of the lambs until I can trust them fully. They seem to do well around these first 2 lambs.

Happy Shepherding,
We'll talk later.

May the Lord bless you
Shepherdess Sherri
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Sheep and Dogs

Posted on September 30, 2013 at 2:31 PM Comments comments (38)
Hi! again  It's almost time to put our rams in with our ewes. Mid-October we plan to sort our ewes and place them with our rams.  My dogs are doing well. They are now 4 and 5 months old. Growing, growing , growing is about all I can say about them.
I just added 8 dominiquer chicks to the flock. They are young so it will be a couple of months before they begin laying farm fresh eggs. I had to add a new rooster. My other one died, so I replaced him with a dominiquer.

Looking forward to what lies ahead when winter comes and lambing season begins in March and April. OOps! one will lamb in February, she got head of the program and broke in with the rams early.

Happy farming and come again.
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Triple B Farms

Posted on August 19, 2013 at 8:32 AM Comments comments (198)
We are Triple B Farms in Bulls Gap, TN. (The home of Archie Campbell)  July 2013 we bought our first Katahdin/Dorper Sheep of 27. In August we bought 20 more Katahdin. We now have a total of 47 commercial katahdin sheep.
We also purchased 3 female Anatolian Shepherd CKC registered livestock guard dogs in June. These are young dogs but are with the sheep at all times and are doing well.
In July, we purchased an AKC male Anatolian to add to our livestock dog operation.
Presently our dogs are with the sheep and chickens.
All are doing well.
We will breed our ewes this October 2013 and expect lambs in March of 2014.
Our dog breeding has not started as of yet but will begin January 2015, Lord Willing. 
We look forward to meeting wonderful sheep and dog individuals.
Hope we can be of service to you in some way. Lord Bless You!
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